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We have a bankruptcy attorney that will get you back on your feet in Harrison.

When an individual needs to file for bankruptcy we understand that this can be a very difficult situation. At Gail Inman-Campbell we like to view this situation as a positive one instead of from a negative perspective and give you the tools you need to get a fresh start. We have been helping individuals in the Boone County community for 27 years, giving them the confidence they need to continue down a straighten path to success. No matter what the issue is, we are here to help you at Gail Inman-Campbell.
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You have options

When approaching a legal predicament on your own you may feel like your options are limited. Allow Gail Inman-Campbell to expand your options horizons and settle on a choice that really fits your needs. Just because you encounter legal trouble doesn't mean that life as you know it has ceased. Our professional attorneys are trained to handle these situations and help you reach an outcome that you can be satisfied with.
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Established reputation

When choosing Gail Inman-Campbell, you are choosing one of the best attorneys in Boone County. This is represented throughout 27 years of experience of helping individuals navigate through their legal troubles.

Our staff also has a former district judge on the team, which allows us to view any given situation through a judicial perspective.

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Expert services

At Gail Inman-Campbell we are not only limited to handling bankruptcy cases. We also provide services in other legal areas. Our team is equipped to handle multiple cases in different areas so no matter what issue you are facing, we're here for you! Our services include:

   - Wills
   - Estate Planning
   - Real Estate Law
   - DUI services
Wills and Estates
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